Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Randomly, I note that I fit comfortably into pants I couldn't wear just a few weeks ago. That's nice.

Now, about yesterday's class...

I was introduced to board breaking, but it seemed I had more power than accuracy. I kicked a few instructors in the fingers.

It is difficult to even express how bad that felt, but the instructors insist that I'm getting much better. Well, if you can't motivate yourself to get it right after realizing that your screw-ups are causing immediate, intense pain to people who are trying to help you, you're broken.

I learned more about kicking from not wanting to kick people by accident than from any two given days of practice prior to this point, I bet.

I've been trying to balance my diet more. But one thing I've tried a couple of times now is just going for a brisk walk around the block a little while before class to help with the warm-up period.

Man alive, my ass is in need of some conditioning.

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