Friday, April 28, 2006

ahh, Spring!

I haven't updated the blog in a while, mainly due to work. Went a good month there without a day off. Bleh.

But it pays the bills.

I haven't had a chance to get out and play any golf, but I hear there's a driving range worth checking out near here. Maybe this weekend.

I've replaced my old-ish helmet (couple good years on it, with one really minor whack on the head last year) with a new Giro (which seemed to feel better on my head than the Trek, and maybe a little more ergonomic when it comes to little adjustments).

Also new is the heart monitor I picked up. Quite a splurge, but I really want to know more about how my internals are working. The instructions aren't too inscrutable to figure out, but far from riveting prose. I recorded a session of reasonably vigorous exercise earlier, but found out the that it's quite easy to lose the session in the process of trying to transfer it to the PC. I can't not deduct a few points for that.

I'm hoping to amass some good data to take to a doctor and have a really vigorous physical. I'm a 35-year-old guy now, and I'm past due to work on the long-term maintenance plan for my life.

I've lost over 15 lbs in the last several weeks. Was in the mid-250s, and am down below 240.

I've stopped having a heavy Southern breakfast in the mornings (eggs, biscuit, sausage, etc.) in favor of a bowl of Total with skim milk.

One of the other meals of the day often consists of either rice & [salmon or albacore] or something along the lines of leafy green vegetables with colby jack cheese, bacon bits, and maybe some grilled fish. (Yeah, yeah, I know about the mercury. As a middle-aged male, other problems totally trump it.)

Exceedingly peculiarly, my sense of smell radically changed around three weeks ago. Despite my chronic allergies (compounded by a very high pollen index), my smeller has been impressive.

The lion's share of what I'm getting is scents related to women and food. For instance, automotive fumes do not strike me as increasingly odoriferous, but I can pick up on a contractor's Tommy Girl when I walk anywhere near her general air space.

My friend with science brains suggested that it may be some mammalian thing, that my body is screaming for me to eat and breed or some such. I have no idea. :D