Friday, July 15, 2005

I haven't been blogging much lately, mainly because I've been working two jobs. Gotta find some way to pay for the new bike, after all!

But I have gotten out a little, despite my routine of mostly work/work/sleep. In fact, I bicycled to work the other day. By my best estimate, it was just over a 30-mile round trip.

My X500 hasn't come in yet, so I made the trip on my bud's old Trek mountain bike, which is still a fine machine, despite its age and mileage.

For every "less pleasant" driver I encountered, there seemed to be three or more going out of the way to be courteous and dozens who were at least far from dangerous. Cheers to drivers who share the road!

The fact that my second job (temporary though it is) often involves a lot of serious manual labor is helping to offset the reduction in trekking-type exercise. Nothing wrong with a little muscle tone, and it's certainly good to vary the kinds of workout one gets.

By this weekend (which is fortunately almost upon me), I plan to grab some pictures from the digital camera, taken right after I hopped off the bike at the office. As they said in Apocalypse Now, "Oh, the Helmet Hair!"