Sunday, October 23, 2005

weather changes

Now that I'm healed up from recent unpleasantness (knee injury followed by some problems in the abdomen), the weather's suddenly gotten rather cold for bicycling. And my cash is tied up enough that I'm not up for a lot of golf expenses.

So I'm thinking of how to adapt.

Last evening, for example, I walked somewhere I'd normally bicycle. Walking is good exercise, and I get some during the workday anyway. This winter I may do more aerobic walking, but we'll see.

I did hit the driving range last Saturday and hit just under 200 balls. Was great upper body work, and I love getting out into nature, even if it's limited at the range.

My buddy Groff recommends that I pick up a magnetic bicycle trainer for the cold weather months. He swears by his, and I'll have to consider it.

This may be the year I finally get a gym membership and start on a more formal training. I hate to blow that kind of dough, but it may be a good call for a while.

Lots of decisions to make about this stuff, because if I don't work on improving my condition, my personal goals will suffer impediment.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

pics taken during bicycle trip on the day after Katrina has several pics of my bike trip on the day after Katrina.

THOR (no, not That one)

I haven't been able to get out much lately for cycling, golf, general exploring, etc. After Katrina, my knee was hurt, I had to let a whole bunch of cuts heal, and most of the places I want to explore basically don't exist anymore.

But my healing up has gone well enough so far, and I've been out cycling a few times. Yesterday, however, may have changed things for me somewhat dramatically. Only time will tell, really.

About halfway through a nearly 13-mile ride, this gorgeous dog started keeping pace with us. He trotted along with an obvious limp at easily our average cycling speed. No efforts to encourage him to go home had any effect.

The dog ran over six miles to take up residence at my place. And frankly, I hope he sticks around. Based on the looks of him, I don't think he's received the best of care, although no signs of obvious abuse are evident.

Update: We've now ID'd the dog and had someone return him to his home.

I've been so impressed by my brief experience with this canine that I'm curious what sort of dog might make a good cycling companion.