Tuesday, September 05, 2006

My bike's been in & out of the shop lately, and the guys at my local bike shop have replaced the rear rim.

The new one has fewer spokes and reminds me of more of racing-oriented rim than the one I had previously.

I doubt it was designed with much load-bearing in mind, and I have yet to see how well it'll survive hauling me up & down these steep hills out here. But I'm putting it through its paces to see what it can handle.

On the general fitness front, I've been adjusting my diet more toward plant consumption and easing off my carnivorous ways a bit. I'm not going vegan or anything... just balancing the diet.

I've been focusing on some weight lifting, swimming, walking, etc. while the bike's been less available. It seems to me this has been making me more capable on the bike when I am on it.

The weather's been a little less oppressive lately, as August winds into September. The question of the day is whether this is just a quick reprieve or an actual seasonal shift.

Hopefully weather, finances, and schedule will allow for some actual travel soon.

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