Thursday, May 18, 2006

staying in radio contact while cycling

I recently posted the following to the Jackson Metro Cyclists email list:

Any good tips on ways to stay in radio contact with a companion cyclist?

My cycling partner and I have reached a point at which this seems increasingly wise, because we regularly ride out into "the sticks" between Florence and Byram. Yesterday we lost one another sufficiently that he had to cycle home and call my cell while I backtracked a few miles to see if he'd come to some mischief.

I received several friendly replies, from which I gleaned the following nuggets:

  • Motorola Talkabouts

  • take a ham radio license test and get a handheld FM ham radio transceiver

  • Rino(r)520 and Rino 530: 2-way radio and GPS

  • Any of the better walkie-talkies

  • Motorola has a radio that is supposed to work around 5 miles

  • a less powerful FSR band radio has a 2 mile range, sometimes less indense cover or mountians

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