Thursday, May 11, 2006

52:13 time; 10.1 m; 11.6 avg; 33.8 mph max

Had to take 3 consecutive days off from cycling this week. Even though I did bicycle during hurricane Katrina, my gut told me that if I got out in some of the mess this week, it would get me.

Plus, I had a wobble in my wheels on the Trek, which put it in the shop for a quick tweak, and a wicked allergy attack that set me back a bit.

Today I got back to it with just under an hour's ride. Kept my heart rate up as usual, and didn't even stop for the 2 calls I had to take from the office on my cell (although my hr did drop as low as 157 during the 2nd call).

Big news for the day is that I weighed in at 232 lbs! Damn right.

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