Tuesday, July 29, 2008

while ducking the #%$!ing heat....

I've ordered up several Adventure Cycling maps of routes in and around Mississippi. And my main riding partner has been threatening to get a bike mount for his Tom Tom.

We've been making noise about doing one or more Longleaf Trace Trail rides before long, as well.

Alas, we've had some pretty sketchy weather lately. Temps (not even counting the heat index) have gone over 100° F some days, and it's been consistently as hot as hell. And summer here also means spontaneous storms, of course.

So having a place to get some exercise and blow off steam without having to be out in that misery is great. Hooray for the gym, I guess.

I'm already seeing some results in both strength and cardio activities there. I look forward to putting my conditioning to the test outdoors when the weather cools more to my liking.

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