Sunday, June 10, 2007

built a solar cooker today

This afternoon we built a funnel-style solar cooker from household stuff & plans found at

The notion didn't hit us until the afternoon, so the first test ("How hot can we get this water?") was pretty brief. Performance seems impressive so far.

We used:
  • a cardboard JVC I'Art 27" flat screen TV box
  • about 2/3 of an ancient bottle of Elmer's glue & a roughly equal amount of water (way more than we wound up using) spread on the cardboard with a basting brush
  • Bell 1-qt jar, spray painted glossy black (because we didn't have any flat black on hand)
  • Reynold's Wrap Heavy Duty aluminum foil
  • box cutter (aka "utility knife")
  • printed copy of instructions (because returning constantly to the web during construction is just impractical)

My brother-in-law is pretty enthused & wants to take a crack at something similar, and I can't blame him. These puppies will be handy for recreation & the next inevitable hurricane.

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