Friday, June 10, 2005

On the bizarrely off chance that anyone reads this blog, I figure I'll point out that I was out of town a few days this week & hustling pretty much every day for the last week or so on various fronts.

My new Acer XP Hollow Core irons (3 through Pitching Wedge) have arrived. I had GigaGolf build 'em with TrueTemper Feather Flight shafts (cut with an extra half inch of length, because I'm tired of swinging too-small clubs), Lamkin Crossline grips, and a 1-degree lie adjustment.

These are some fine irons, inspired by Callaway's Fusion irons, which I want badly but can't justify spending $1200 to buy. Yeowch!

Each club has a titanium club face, hollow club head, and rubber shock absorbing thingy on the back (except for the pitching wedge, which lacks the rubber thingy). The basic idea is a wider sweet spot with a trampoline effect on the ball, which should theoretically enable one to make more off-center shots go straighter and farther.

I've only gotten them out a couple of times now, so it's too soon to give a thorough review, but I like 'em. If nothing else, it's so nice to finally play with custom-fit clubs that also happen to look nice & stylish.

Of course, it's too wet to do much golfing, but that's just nature.

p.s., My heart belongs to Annika. ;-)

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