Tuesday, May 24, 2005

thwarted by weather

Today just wasn't my day to get out and ride, swim, etc. Weather intervened.

Was hot and swampy nearly all day, and just as we began to plot out our afternoon plans for some cycling and swimming, all hell broke loose. Torrents of water thrashed from the sky, punctuated by lighting and driven by winds so sharp my car was tossed around like a bean bag.

Days like this don't have to be a total wash, though. It's perfectly OK to take a day or two off to just rest and vegetate.

On other occasions, I'll do a few push-ups, piffle about with weights, some stretching, and/or whatever blows my skirt up. It's a good idea to do at least a little stretching even on the vegetation days, anyway. Stretching good. :)

If nothing else, knock back a shot of pure agave tequila or Hangar One. Lubrication in moderation is a great sensation and worthy of participation!

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